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Fairbanks to tax e-cigarette, vapes starting July 1

Fairbanks to tax e-cigarette, vapes starting July 1

Time : 2021-06-05
Author :
Source : Newsminer
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Fairbanks to tax e-cigarette, vapes starting July 1

In am attempt to protect the health of the youth, city officials decided last week to tax electronic cigarettes and vaping devices starting July 1.

The Fairbanks City Council unanimously approved last Monday an ordinance to include e-cigarette and vaping devices in the definition of taxable tobacco products in the Fairbanks General Code. The changed definition will include products that are even partially made of tobacco. The code will also have a new section on smoking devices such as e-cigarette, e-cigars, e-pipes, vape pens or e-hookahs, as well as their components and accessories.

One of the sponsors of the ordinance, council member Valerie Therrien, said she was concerned about the use of vaping among high school students.“We wanted to send a message to young folks that vaping is not good for you,” she said.

The city of Fairbanks estimates an $80,000 increase annually due to this change, according to City’s Communication Director Teal Soden.