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The Latest Legal Age For E-Cigarettes Around The World  

The Latest Legal Age For E-Cigarettes Around The World  

Time : 2022-03-11
Author : Schatze BioTech
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The Latest Legal Age For E-Cigarettes Around The World  
E-cigarettes have grown rapidly over the past decade, becoming the most popular substitute of cigarette and the most common quit-smoking product. However, vaping among teenagers is also a problem. In an effort to keep young people away from e-cigarettes, countries have introduced further regulations, a common rule is to limit the age at which teenagers can buy e-cigarette products.


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 Luxembourg Malaysia MaldivesMaltaMoldovaNetherlandsNew ZealandNorway
 Papua New Guinea Paraguay PolandPortugalSan Marino ScotlandSenegalSlovenia
South AfricaSwedenTajikistan Togo TuvaluUkraineVietnam Wales
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From the development of regulatory policies, countries are increasingly strengthening the supervision of e-cigarettes, such as increasing taxes, bring it under the tobacco regulation, establishing product standards, standardizing product technology and quality, restricting advertising and channels, etc. Legal restrictions on age are also included. legislators must decide on a legal age of majority—the age at which a young person is allowed to vote, enter contracts, apply for credit, serve in the military, and buy alcohol, tobacco, and other products considered inappropriate for children. To some extent, age regulation is not necessarily the best option, but for now it is necessary.