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Vape Liquid 101: What Might Happen to E-liquid Storage?

Vape Liquid 101: What Might Happen to E-liquid Storage?

Time : 2022-05-16
Author : Schatze BioTech
Source : Schatze BioTech
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Vape Liquid 101: What Might Happen to E-liquid Storage?

The components of electronic cigarette liquid are relatively stable molecular composition, which can be stored for a long time. However, if you have concerns about the deterioration of your e-liquid, don’t use it. So, what might happen to eliquid storage and how do we judge whether the e-liquid has gone bad? Here's the answer.

How do we judge whether the e-liquid has gone bad?

When judging whether the e-liquid has gone bad, many variables need to be considered: the quality of PG, VG, nicotine and flavoring agents, the proportion of the mixture, and the storage conditions of e-liquid and so on.

What might happen to eliquid storage? 

There are three possible changes to e-liquid storage:

1.Sour: The e-liquid will undergo an alcoholization reaction in the process of storage, just like wine, it is normal for the taste to change slightly.

2. Discoloration: In the storage process, smoke oil may appear colorless into light red, light brown and so on.  After one to two months, the discoloration will stabilize.  If the color of the oil continues to change significantly after six months of storage, it may deteriorate.  

3. Deterioration: The shelf life of e-juice is a conservative wording. In fact, no deterioration was found in the limit test of the good e-liquid formula. When you're not sure if the e-liquid goes bad, take a puff to see if the taste is changing.

Tips: Every formula is different. In order to avoid the change of taste, please store in a cool place and avoid sealing.

Schatzebio's e-liquid formula, after being stored for half a year, some fruit tastes become more mellow, with a little fruit acidity, and the taste is softer. The peak daily sales of these smoky oils are 100,000 bottles. It can be seen that good e-liquid is not only easy to vape, but also more mellow like wine after long-term storage. It has storage value. Don't worry about the expiration date.