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What’s in Vape Juice: Ingredients

What’s in Vape Juice: Ingredients

Time : 2021-06-05
Author :
Source : Vaping 360
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What’s in Vape Juice: Ingredients

E-liquid is made out of some essential and some optional ingredients. These ingredients can be categorized into base liquids (PG/VG), flavorings and sweeteners, and nicotine.

PG and VG:

The base of vape juice contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, otherwise known as PG and VG. Some juices come in 100% VG, but this is not very common—just as 100% PG is also uncommon. VG and PG also form the ratio you will usually find on an e-liquid bottle, like 70/30 or 50/50 with VG typically being first.


Flavor concentrates are water-soluble and usually made by companies that manufacture food flavorings and/or fragrances. They range from tobaccos to fruits to chocolate glazed donuts—and everything in between. Many of the commercial e-juices will also contain sweeteners, with the most common of these being sucralose.


Nicotine is optional and always the choice of the user. It’s included in e-liquid in various concentrations, ranging from less than 1% up to 5%. If the user does not want to use nicotine, non-nicotine e-liquid is sold in most e-juice lines.

E-liquid comes in a variety of nicotine strengths. Here are the most common ones:

3 mg/mL or 0.3% = super low

6 mg/mL or 0.6% = low

12 mg/mL or 1.2% = low to medium

18-24 mg/mL or 1.8% – 2.4% = medium to high

36 mg/mL or 3.6% and above = super high

With so many nicotine levels available, it is very easy to find the e-liquid that will help you satisfy your cravings. You may also find that you want different strengths for different setups, or even for different times of the day. What works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa. And that’s the beauty of it: you can make vaping a tailor-made experience!

Moreover, as the industry has evolved, so has the demand for a wider selection of flavors. Nicotine salt e-liquid becomes popular and has changed the way many users quit smoking and start vaping.  Nicotine salt uses an acid (usually benzoic acid) that smooths out the throat sensation, making higher nicotine concentrations more tolerable to the vaper. (You can find more info about Nicotine Salt by clicking.)