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What You Need to Know about TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine) Products?

What You Need to Know about TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine) Products?

Time : 2021-09-03
Author : Schatze BioTech
Source : Schatze BioTech
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What You Need to Know about TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine) Products?

Tobacco-Free Nicotine, also known as TFN, has been the latest buzz among the vaping community. It has the same biological properties as nicotine derived from tobacco; however, it doesn’t have the same off-putting smell and flavour of tobacco. Nicotine derived from plants other than tobacco also has no odour or taste, which means that TFN added to e-liquids results in better tasting e-juices where the flavours shine brightly.

Here are additional basic information:

What Is Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN)?

TFN is the nicotine that does not come from the tobacco plant. Therefore, this source of nicotine doesn't have the impurities that are commonly associated with tobacco.

Also, TFN doesn't have any taste or smell, which enhances the flavour experience you have with flavoured e-liquids. Unlike the tobacco plant, TFN won't have the sour scent and flavours commonly associated with tobacco.

What's the Difference Between TFN and Naturally Grown Nicotine?

TFN isn't made from tobacco leaves, tobacco plants, or any part of tobacco plants. Instead, Tobacco Free Nicotine is produced in a lab setting. It is the same chemical compound as nicotine derived from tobacco, the difference is where it comes from.

Another benefit of TFN is that it provides the same satisfaction as traditional nicotine without some of the harshnesses.

What's the Difference Between TFN and Synthetic Nicotine?

Synthetic nicotine products are not alone in their prominent marketing as “tobacco-free” products.  

Both types of products are marketed as “tobacco-free” because they don’t contain any tobacco leaf and even though these products may not look all that different, there are important regulatory differences between tobacco-derived nicotine products and synthetic nicotine products.

Oral nicotine pouches, whether synthetic or tobacco-derived, are growing in popularity.  These new synthetic nicotine pouches could build off that market growth.