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World No Tobacco Day | Listen to The Expert Talks About the Dangers of Smoking

World No Tobacco Day | Listen to The Expert Talks About the Dangers of Smoking

Time : 2022-05-31
Author : Schatze BioTech
Source : Schatze BioTech
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World No Tobacco Day | Listen to The Expert Talks About the Dangers of Smoking

May 31 this year is the 35th world no tobacco Day, "At present, smoking is the first big 'killer' that is acknowledged to damage human health", lung disease doctor Shen Ning introduces. There is research that shows that there are 7000 kinds of chemical substances in tobacco, among them the material that has proved harmful to human body amounts more than 70 kinds of.  

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer.  In addition to neoplastic diseases of the respiratory system, smoking also induces or aggravates chronic airway inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cerebrovascular diseases.  "Cancer, respiratory, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases pose a great threat to the health of people," Shen said.  

For good health, here are some tips for “heavy smokers” who want to quit smoking:  

The first step is to make a resolution to quit smoking and set a completion date.  You can also tell people around you about quitting smoking and let them supervise you to quit smoking. The first week of quitting smoking, smokers often appear anxiety, mental tension, poor appetite and other symptoms, then to distract yourselves. When there is an addiction, you can eat snacks, drink more water. If you stick to it for about three months, you can usually quit smoking. In addition, for some heavy smokers who have developed nicotine dependence, there are some complementary medicine to help them quit smoking.  

It is not easy to quit smoking, so some people try various ways to quit smoking, including using e-cigarettes. E-cigarette is an electronic product that mimics cigarettes. It turns nicotine into vapor by means of atomization. In general, traditional cigarettes cost about twice as much as e-cigarettes; In addition, e-cigarettes are more environmentally friendly, so they become the choice of more smokers who quit smoking. It can effectively reduce the smoking of cigarettes, which is a new choice for a healthy life.  

"For the sake of our own health, the people around us and the next generation, we urge people to stay away from tobacco and quit early." Shen Ning said.